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7 Best Foods for Hair Growth You Should Always Include in Your Diet!


Ayurveda has been around for thousands of years. Research has found that plastic surgery and eye transplant was done by ancient Indian Ayurvedic doctors. Even now, people are widely accepting Ayurvedic treatment to cure their diseases which traditional medical practices are unable cure with long periods of medication.

Ayurveda is famous for beauty treatments and anti-hair fall treatments. Most of the oils and Rasayanas in Ayurveda is based on herbal plants. Indians, the pioneers of Ayurvedic treatments still widely uses these plants, fruits, and vegetables to make their hair healthy. That is the reason why you can see lots of women with gorgeous long hair in India.

Here are 7 best foods for hair growth you should include in your diet.

2Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is sweet, but nonetheless powerful. It is the source of beta carotene. This nutrient can increase hair growth. It also amplifies the repair of cells.


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