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7 Most Common Reasons for Insomnia & How to Get Your Sleep Cycle Back!


Ever since the emergence of mobile phones and laptops, we lost our natural sleep cycle. However, having difficulty in sleeping is a completely different matter. There are more people than you think who suffer from sleep issues. Various reasons can be behind this condition.

Lack of sleep can affect all of our body. You’ll feel mentally and physically exhausted. Adults need at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Various important functions of our body and chemical changes happens at night. It is the time our brain and body gets a bit of free time for refreshment. Let’s see the reasons behind sleep deficiency.


Stress is probably the main cause of sleep deprivation today. Today, everyone is stuck with lot of tension and frustration and this causes loss of sleep. If you are too stressed, please use relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation and try to de-stress. You can contact your local yoga instructor or stress management professional and seek help.



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